Face to face translation services

For businesses to be able to function in the global market place, it’s essential for them to be able to call on the expertise of a reliable, professional translations company.  From face-to-face translation services through to website translation and localisation, translation services have become an essential business requirement.

The most straightforward translation services are those used to translate documents.  It’s possible to have documents of every kind translated into hundreds of different languages and whether you need to have some simple correspondence or complex legal documents translated, pretty much anything should be possible.  Regardless of the nature of your documents, they should always be translated to meet your exact requirements; work must be accurately presented and delivered on time and on budget.

Any document can be translated into another language, including marketing literature and brochures, training manuals, financial documents, legal documents and even the labels that can be found on packaging!  No matter how large or small your project, it’s advisable to find a translation company that provides a project manager for every project – no matter how small that project is.
Certified translations are different from standard document translations in that they are translations of a document which may be required for official purposes.  A wide variety of institutions require certified translations including schools, colleges, universities and employers and examples of certified documents can be birth and death certificates, immigration documents, contracts, medical reports and power of attorney documents.  Certified translations should only be carried out by skilled, experienced translators and once the translation has been completed, the document must then be certified by an official institution.

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